Executive Committee 2021

President --- Mr.Stanley Herbert

Vice President --- Mr. Eltion Allen

Treasurer--- Ms. Carolyn Weekes

Assistant Treasurer --- Mr. Oswald Frederick

Secretary--- Ms. Denise Leader

The Montserrat Aspirers, Inc. (MAI) was organized in 1974 for charitable and educational purposes, intended to benefit the entire community. In an effort to move forward the organization bought a building in the Dorchester area and after years of hard work the Aspirers Community Centre was opened in June 1994. The dedication of the basement was held on Sunday October 19, 1997. MAI seeks to assists students with scholarships on the basis of financial need and academic performance. Contributions are made to institutions when deemed necessary. Annual scholarships have been provided to students from area schools since 1988. A tutoring program for students was established in 1991 to help community children.

The Henrietta Browne Memorial College Preparatory Program (HBMCPP) was established at Montserrat Aspirers, Inc. (MAI), Dorchester, MA. It is designed to be a continuing memorial for Henrietta Browne and is supported financially by an anonymous donor who admired Mrs. BrowneÂ’s sincere passion for youth education. This program embodies the desire and intentions of Montserrat Aspirers, Inc. (MAI) as well as the donor, to give the aspiring youth of this community an opportunity to gain the marketable knowledge and scholastic skills to help them become more confident, proactive, responsible members of society.

General meetings are held at the building located at 358 Washington Street, Dorchester on the Second (2nd) Sunday of each month at 5:00pm (except holiday weekends and special occassions -Mother's Day & Father's Day'). The Public is invited to attend these meetings.

MAI offeres Scholarship awards to selected student(s) entering an accredited institution of higher education. Application Criteria: (See link below) Completed scholarship application. Official high school transcript with GPA of 2.7 or Higher Two letters of recommendation from: principals, guidance counselors, teachers or ministers. A 500 word typed autobiographical statement that includes your future career objectives, any hobbies, and any extra-curricular activities. Also include what has inspired you to accomplish your goals. The statement must be typed double-spaced on plain standard size (8½ x 11) paper. Proof of acceptance to a post-secondary institution.


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